Introducing taGrid, Open Source PHP Component

Ajax based PHP Grid Component

taGrid was written specifically for tutor diary and 2assist - Sancho. However, taGrid can be easily integrated into any other project where the speed of viewing a large amount of data is important.

The advantage of taGrid is that is lightning fast. The data is processed on the server side and JavaScript is used for user interface only and when the Grid is fully displayed. As soon as Ajax receives the data, the browser renders the grid immediately without any delay on the client side.

taGrid is capable of fetching data either from a database, CSV files or from php arrays.

Simple Demonstration

The Grid on the right side shows data fetched from php array. In 1914 Charlie Chaplin appeared in 36 films for Keystone Studios.

taGrid has been extensively tested with MySQL and PostgreSQL and used processing hundreds of thousands of records. Click here to see taGrid in real action.

Films with Charlie Chaplin in 1914
02 FebMaking a Living
07 FebKid Auto Races at Venice
09 FebMabel's Strange Predicament
19 FebA Thief Catcher
28 FebBetween Showers
02 MarA Film Johnnie
09 MarTango Tangles
16 MarHis Favorite Pastime
26 MarCruel, Cruel Love
04 AprThe Star Boarder
18 AprMabel at the Wheel
20 AprTwenty Minutes of Love
27 AprCaught in a Cabaret
04 MayCaught in the Rain
07 MayA Busy Day
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taGrid Highlights

  • Lightning fast
  • Data is fetched by Ajax or GET method
  • Can display data from php arrays, CSV files or database
  • Supports MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Supports Filters, Search and Sort Order
  • Ability to edit records and save them to database or CSV file
  • Export to Excel
  • Uses jQuery Theme
  • Easy to install, configure and use