taDatePicker – friendly – simple – open source

With so many different versions of date pickers available nowadays, we have dared to release another one. What is the difference?c taDatePicker is designed to simply appear and disappear on mouseover event just like any other hover menu.

taDatePicker was written specifically for 2assist – Sancho, where each column header has a popup filter activated when the user's mouse is hovering over it. It is coded in pure JavaScript and CSS and is not dependant on any other library. taDatePicker can also be easily integrated into other projects.

Place your mouse cursor here to dropdown date picker

Same thing with different skin

Same thing with mint-choc jQuery theme

taDatePicker Highlights

  • Easy integration on mouse over event or can be placed inline
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to resize
  • Easy skin customisation
  • Can use jQuery theme
  • Internalisation support