Simple Free Helpdesk And Bug Tracker

What is 2assist - Sancho?

2assist - Sancho is a web based friendly helpdesk software. It can also be used as a simple bug tracker. Sancho Panza was an assistant to a famous literary character Don Quixote.

What web browsers are compatible with Sancho?

Sancho has been tested with Internet Explorer 8, 10, Firefox 2+, Chrome, Safari 5.1 and Opera 12

Why does Sancho not support MySQL?

Originally 2assist was written for our customer who was using PostgreSQL. So, Sancho, as the successor of 2assist, inherited the same settings. However, we have plans to make Sancho compatible with MySQL, but this will be in the next release.

All my applications are using MySQL, can I install PostgreSQL on the same server?

Yes, there will be no conflict between PostgreSQL and MySQL as they use different ports.