Simple Free Helpdesk And Bug Tracker

2assist - Sancho is a free web based Helpdesk and Bug Tracker System. The first version was released in 2012 to assist Dedoc Software customers.

During its development, we had one goal, to make the software user friendly and easy to maintain, so our customers would find it easy to start using it straight away. We managed to squeeze the entire application including administration onto a single page, making it really simple.

After a successful year working with our customers, we found that 2assist proved to be very helpful and problem free. This made us decide to write version 2, which we called "Sancho" as he was an assistant to a famous literary character, and release it as an Open Source under Lesser GPL license version 3.

Sancho is written in PHP using jQuery and the data is driven by Ajax. At this moment the software runs on PostgreSQL, but we have plans to make Sancho compatible with other popular databases.

Because Sancho is driven by Ajax, the URL always stays the same no matter what ticket is being edited. To make Sancho SEO friendly, every record has a direct link, which will allow search engines to pick up everything available on the site.

Feature Highlights

  • Convenient ticket querying using keywords
  • Comprehensive filtering system, by date, type, status and priority
  • All tickets and comments are searchable
  • Three view privileges can be assigned to every ticket that makes them visible on either Internet, community or the reporter only.
  • Tickets can be categorised
  • Supports Internationalisation
  • Sitemap page is generated automatically
  • Easy user management
  • Easy to install, administer and maintain